Employment Support Professional Jobs

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Employment Support Professional Hiring Opportunities

Hey, jobseeker! We’ve got the perfect opportunity for you if you’re looking for the following in your workplace:

  • A unique position where no two days are the same
  • Work that gets you away from your desk on a regular basis
  • Working with people

If that sounds great to you, then check out the organizations below that are currently hiring for various employment support roles such as Job Coach, Employment Specialist, Employment Coach, Business Development Specialist and more! Please check back periodically as we will be updating this list.

List of Participating Organizations

Community Integrated Services (CIS)

Creative Employment Solutions CIS Community Integrated Services: CIS logo

Community Integrated Services (CIS)

Location: 441 N. 5th Street Suite 101 Philadelphia, PA 19123

Geographical Areas Served: Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks and Delaware Counties

Mission of Organization: Community Integrated Services’ mission is to empower people with disabilities through individualized employment opportunities that foster self-sustainability, equality, and community. Through partnerships with public agencies, businesses, schools, universities, and community organizations, CIS works to create a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable workforce.

Seeking to hire for the following positions: Job Coach, Employment Coach, Employment Trainer, Business Development Specialist

Job Duties/Responsibilities: As a Job Coach/Employment Coach you would assist participants as they learn tasks and gain independence in the workplace. As an Employment Trainer you will provide job coaching services while managing a caseload of participants. The management of the caseload will primarily include communicating participant's progress with employers, families, and the CIS team. As a Business Development Specialist, you would apply your talents in networking to build strong relationships and secure employment positions for our participants. You would initiate and maintain contacts with a variety of businesses and industries in order to match the participant to the most appropriate job. The management of a caseload will primarily include supporting participants who are actively seeking employment.

Why CIS? CIS offers flexible schedules, competitive wages, opportunities for advancement, and a generous benefits package for full time employees. Many staff members who began in entry-level positions have gone on to take leadership roles within the organization.


Download the CIS info sheet (PDF)

Special People in the Northeast (SPIN)

Love Hope Grow SPIN: SPIN logoSpecial People in the Northeast (SPIN)

Location: 10980 Norcom Rd. Philadelphia, PA 19154

Geographical Areas Served: Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks Counties

Mission of Organization: SPIN is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1970 to provide the highest quality services to people of all ages with autism and intellectual/developmental disability. SPIN is also a leading provider of inclusive, early childhood education. We believe that everyone deserves to achieve to their fullest potential and to live a life of possibilities. We develop each person’s strengths, integrate them into the community, and create a culture of inclusion and hope. We serve over 3500 people every year in Southeastern Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley.

When you receive our services, work on our team, or support our mission, your experience with us is shaped by our core values.

These four pillars guide everything we do: We put people first. We develop people, nurture relationships, and celebrate differences. We serve with professionalism. We are competent, dependable, and trustworthy. We focus on solutions. We are productive, innovative, and resourceful. We lead with excellence. We position ourselves to deliver the highest quality services.

Seeking to hire for the following position(s): Employment Specialist

Job Duties/Responsibilities: Come Join us at SPIN as an Employment Specialist in SPIN's Employment Services. The Employment Specialist is outgoing, motivated and loves to connect with new people. He or she should easily adapt to new situations and be flexible as daily routines and responsibilities vary. SPIN Employment Specialists are passionate and innovative when supporting individuals to achieve and maintain a life of possibilities. Join a team of highly engaged, like-minded colleagues who believe that everyone can and should work as part of a full and meaningful life!

The Accountabilities of an Employment Specialist at SPIN

Provides employment support to individuals, maintaining therapeutic boundaries, to assure that they are safe and needs are met in accordance with the Individual Support Plan (ISP).

Implements and monitors each person’s ISP to achieve specific outcomes, derived from individual’s preferences, needs and interests within a trauma-informed recovery-oriented approach.

Implement behavioral support plans as needed, using language and behavior that consistently reflects and enhances the dignity of people with dual diagnoses to support individuals to self-monitor triggers and utilize coping skills and problem-solving skills.

Advocates for the individual and/or promotes self-advocacy to meet individual’s needs to facilitate personal growth and development toward recovery and wellness by assisting in the removal of barriers and/or by sharing views with team members to create a solution to advocacy concerns.

Assists individuals with job maintenance by teaching personal and professional skills development that will facilitate successful employment and support employer’s objectives and needs.

Achieves and monitors department productivity levels and service delivery through the attainment of outcomes and units of service goals.  Makes modifications in a timely and responsive way that assures exceptional service.

Assists and supports individuals to develop strategies and make informed choices in regards to self-advocacy, health and safety and career direction.

Uses professional, positive and person first language and communication techniques to build rapport and relationships with service recipients, family members, the business community, internal and external agency personnel, etc.

Works as a cohesive team member with co-workers, internal departments within the agency, external organizations, etc. to support achievement of employment outcomes and assure excellent quality services.

Maintains accurate records in regards to assessments, progress reports, pertinent employer documentation and billing of services rendered.  Remains current with and uses agency technology that enables the collection, compilation, evaluation and submission of data to appropriate sources as per established department timeframes.

Supports and completes assessments with individuals while creating and developing appropriate employment opportunities that are right fit and match interests, strengths and varied skill levels.

Researches, develops and maintains information on community and other resources relevant to the needs of individuals. Uses acquired data to support individuals in developing an employment plan, portfolio and/or resume that will achieve specific employment outcomes in an inclusive community.

Completes required training, education, certifications, etc. in order to further professional development activities and identify areas of self-reflection and self-improvement of position performance.

Adheres to all policies and procedures of the Employment Services Department and SPIN.  This includes but is not limited to maintaining standards of confidentiality and best practices as well as performing and completing as needed duties and assignments in the best interests of services recipients, the Employment Services Department and SPIN.

Performs emergency duties as requested in the best interest of SPIN and the health and welfare of its recipients and employees.

Employment Specialist Requirements include:

Bachelor’s Degree preferred; High School Diploma required.

2 years of experience working with adults with intellectual disabilities or co-occurring disorders.

1 year of employment experience preferred.

Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Ability to work independently as well as effectively with team members.

Ability to demonstrate flexibility in order to meet programmatic and customer needs.

Driver's license, vehicle, insurance and willingness to travel in local region

Basic computer skills- MS Office.

SPIN Offers Benefits to Their Employees Who Work 30+ Hours. These Benefits Include: Full medical benefits only $5 per pay – free Dental & Vision coverage 40 hour employees earn 3 weeks PTO in their first year retirement plan and biannual employer match Up to $500 yearly in Wellness plan rewards Longevity & referral bonuses and much more! Receive an extra $65 Bonus with CDC vaccination card

Why SPIN? SPIN is offering a Recruitment bonus for all new hires of $750.00 pro rated based on a 40 hour week. This will be paid out after successful completion of your probationary period.

SPIN is a fun and dynamic group of people who believe that everyone can work with the right supports. We put a lot of time and effort into training our new employees so they have the resources to do their job well. There is a lot of opportunity to gain new skills, develop your professionalism, and create a career. The team at SPIN has a great balance of professional and personal relationships. We value each team member's unique skills, perspectives, and talents as integral to our success. Join our team if you are self-motivated, driven, and looking to make an impact in your community!


Download the SPIN info sheet (PDF)

Resources for Human Development – Ideate (RHD-Ideate)

Id8 a program of Resources for Human Development: RHD-Ideate logoResources for Human Development – Ideate (RHD-Ideate)

Location: 4700 Wissahickon Avenue Ste. 126 Philadelphia, PA 19144

Geographical Areas Served: Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Chester counties

Mission of Organization: The mission of IDEATE is to support our clients to break the cycle of poverty by providing highly vulnerable and underserved individuals person-tailored pathways to careers using technology and community engagement.

Seeking to hire for the following position(s): Employment Specialists

Job Duties/Responsibilities: The Employment Specialist supports clients in executing job searches and assists the client in maintaining employment. This is a mobile support role designed to serve clients searching for a job and also working in a job at a variety of locations throughout Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester counties. The Employment Specialist will demonstrate the ability to protect and maintain the health and safety of the client as well as provide support as the client’s job requires.

Essential Duties and Functions

  1. Job Finding – The Employment specialist is responsible for a series of assessment-related responsibilities that relate to helping the client identify appropriate work opportunities. In addition to conducting these assessments, the Employment Specialist also prepares the client for employment by supporting skill development, expanding the client’s knowledge of employment options, and provide transportation planning.
  2. Job Support – The Employment Specialist provides ongoing supports to clients as they begin to work. This support is delivered via job/task analysis, direct coaching, modeling healthy interactions, and eventually fading supports. Meeting employer’s productivity expectations.
  3. Remote Services – The Employment Specialist also engages in the provision of remote services during the Job Finding and Job Support phases. These services are typically delivered via telephone and video-conferencing.

Why IDEATE? IDEATE is part of a larger, values-driven organization, Resources for Human Development. Our team is a diverse, highly impassioned group of individuals united around the common goal of confronting and eradicating poverty and increasing access to community inclusion. IDEATE is a green office and all services are extremely tech-enabled.


Download the RHD-Ideate info sheet (PDF)

JEVS hireAbility

JEVS hireAbility: JEVS logoJEVS hireAbility

Location: 123 S. Broad Street, 7th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19109

Geographical Areas Served: Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware and Chester counties

Mission of Organization: To empower individuals of all skill levels and experiences living With an intellectual disability, mental illness, or physical disability or chronic disease by preparing them for competitive integrated employment through career exposure, job development and placement, and advocacy efforts to achieve greater independence and enhanced quality of life.

Hiring for the following position(s): Community Employment Specialist

Job Duties/Responsibilities: Our CES’s provide employment services to individuals with disabilities in Philadelphia’s five county region. We complete intakes, perform community based assessment and provide 1:1 job coach after placement.

Why JEVS hireAbility? We’re connected to an amazing parent company (JEVS Human Services) which provides our employees to alternate employment pathways once they become  a part of our family.


Download the JEVS hireAbility info sheet (PDF)

WES Health System

WES Health System Promoting Total Wellness: WES logoWES Health Centers

Location: 1463 W. Lycoming Street Philadelphia, 19140-3201

Geographical Areas Served: Philadelphia County

Mission of Organization: The mission of WES Health System is to promote the total wellness of the communities it serves through the provision of high-quality health and social services in a compassionate and effective manner.  WES Health System strives to make these services highly responsive to the needs of culturally diverse populations.

Hiring for the following position(s): Job Coaches

Job Duties/Responsibilities: This is a direct service position involving working with persons with intellectual disabilities in integrated community settings.

Work in this position encompasses the skilled performances of job training and associated activities for supporting individuals with developmental disabilities in jobs within their communities. Specific skills include assisting in writing of formal programmatic objectives for trainee, job analysis of an employment site, task analysis of a job into its component parts, data collection as well as the ability to adapt to diverse work situations dependent on the positions secured for the trainee.

Why WES Health System? WES Health System is a prominent service provider of Behavioral and Physical Health and Support services for adults and children in Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, Georgia, and Delaware.  WES Health System takes pride in the fact that it has the unique ability and responsibility to help improve the quality of life for the communities in which it serves.


Download the WES Health System info sheet (PDF)

PATH (People Acting To Help), Inc.

PATH: PATH logoLocation: 8220 Castor Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19152

Geographical Areas Served: Philadelphia County

Mission of Organization: Helping Individuals Achieve A More Independent and Fulfilling Life.

Hiring for the following position(s): Job Coach

Job Duties/Responsibilities: Assist people to figure out what kind of work they want to do.

Assist people to seek jobs.

Assist people to learn and maintain their jobs.

Assist businesses to stabilize their workforce.

Why PATH Inc.? We develop long term relationships with the people we assist. This provides invaluable connections for the supported employees and the businesses who hire them.


Download the PATH Inc. info sheet (PDF)