Welcome to Phila On The Job

What Is YOUR Story?

One thread that weaves our stories together is the need for purpose and connection. Employment provides that.  Here in Philadelphia, we are cultivating a culture of employment and we need YOU!

We seek to increase access to knowledge, support, and resources to enhance the workforce. Our community is stronger when we embrace differences. Our workforce can be greater with diversity and inclusion. We encourage and support that all people can and should work. Work looks different for everyone and does not only occur during 9am to 5pm. People move through different stages of their employment journey throughout life.

We welcome you to utilize Phila On The Job as a resource for connecting you to opportunities and bridging you to possibilities!

Connecting Businesses to Talent and Resources to create inclusive workplaces and spaces


Connecting Talent to Opportunities and Resources to support their employment journey

Connecting Talent under 21 and their families to Information and Resources to support the pathway to employment

Connecting Employment Support Professionals and other supporters to Education and Resources to elevate possibilities