Keeping Your Job

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Woohoo! You got the job!! Now, you are looking to make sure you can keep the job. This section will help you navigate this next stage of your journey. When first starting out at a job and working to keep it, you want to ask your yourself some key questions if they have not already been addressed:

Questions to Ask When Starting a New Job

  • Am I willing to disclose “I have a disability?” If so, what are the situations where I am willing to share and who am I willing to share with? (Example: Having a job coach is a level of disclosure)
  • Do I understand how I get paid? Who can I go to for support?
  • Do I know and understand the rules of my workplace? (Time off, OSHA, FMLA, Sexual Harassment, Benefits)
  • Will my benefits be affected?
  • Can I ask for a raise?
  • Can I participate in a retirement benefit at my workplace?
  • Are there workplace incentives or benefits? Do I know how to access these?
  • Do I need additional training?

Take Action

  • Be on time. A few minutes early is even better.
  • If you are finding that you need additional support, talk to someone you trust to see if you may need to request a reasonable accommodation. Your company’s Human Resources department or your job coach could assist you with this process. For an online support, download the Mobile Accommodation Support app created by
  • Don’t complain at work. There are some cases when it makes sense to speak up, but talk with someone you trust first outside of work. If you don’t like your job, connect with your support system outside of work to talk about what next steps could be.

If your life outside of work is affecting you at work, see what resources are available to you and what could assist you. You should also check in with your employer’s Human Resources department to see if there are any benefits you are not currently using that could be helpful. Visit the Resources tab for other additional supports in the Philadelphia area.