Middle School (11 to 13 years old)

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Building Social Capital

At this age, there is a lot happening as children start to find themselves and connect with friends more. This is a time period where children really start learning about social capital and the value of relationships. Visit the Philadelphia School District Office of Diverse Learners for more information.

Below are some suggestions for you / the child to engage in the IEP / 504 Plan meetings. These guidelines are intended to encourage development of social capital. It is never too late to begin engaging in these ways:

  • Start the meeting and provide introductions
  • Understand the why behind the IEP / 504 Plan meeting
  • Understand the importance of being an active member of the meeting
  • Prepare one goal for the IEP / 504 Plan meeting
  • Is there a new person (teacher, family member) you would like to be invited?
  • Ask for your own copy of the IEP / 504 Plan


Suggestions on ways to build social capital outside of school:

  • Sharing household responsibilities
  • Be part of more activities and clubs
  • Volunteer (example: help a neighbor, sign up to volunteer with a non-profit)
  • Making more decisions such as who to spend time with and how to spend that time