Middle School (11 to 13 years old)

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Building Social Capital

At this age, there is a lot happening as children start to find themselves and connect with friends more. This is a time period where children really start learning about social capital and the value of relationships.

Below are some suggestions for you / the child to engage in the IEP / 504 Plan meetings. These guidelines are intended to encourage development of social capital and it is never too late to begin engaging in these ways:

  • Start the meeting and provide introductions
  • Understand the why behind the IEP / 504 Plan meeting
  • Understand the importance of being an active member of the meeting
  • Prepare one goal for the IEP / 504 Plan meeting
  • Is there a new person (teacher, family member) you would like to be invited?
  • Ask for your own copy of the IEP / 504 Plan

Outside of school, here are some suggestions on ways to build social capital:

  • Sharing household responsibilities
  • Be part of more activities and clubs
  • Volunteer (example: help a neighbor, sign up to volunteer with a non-profit)
  • Making more decisions such as who to spend time with and how to spend that time

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