Finding and Getting a Job

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You now have a good idea as to what you are looking for or at the very least some of your negotiables and non-negotiables. You have identified some interests and know who some of your supporters are in your employment journey. This will help you navigate this next stage of your journey.

Ask your yourself some key questions if they have not already been addressed:


Key Questions About Your Job Search

  • Am I willing to disclose “I have a disability?” If so, what are the situations where I am willing to share and who am I willing to share with? (Example: Having a job coach is a level of disclosure)
  • What hours am I willing to work? Am I willing to work (if and when needed) holidays, weekends, evenings?
  • Am I looking for a job that makes me happy or a job that pays me well?
  • What are my reliable transportation options and back up plans?
  • What skills do I have? How can they transfer into opportunities that interest me?
  • What can I offer a potential employer?
  • Who might help connect me to businesses?
  • What experience (paid/unpaid) do I have?
  • Do I need more experience for my resume?
  • How will any benefits I receive be impacted by working? (DRN-PA WIPA)
  • What education or training may I need – either before or soon into the job?

Prepare for Your Job Search

  • Make sure your phone’s voicemail is appropriate and cleared out so messages can be left.
  • Create a resume! Make sure your email address is appropriate. For example,
  • Get your supporters together and create a list of people within everyone’s networks who may be able to connect you to someone in the industry or job you are interested in. Having conversations with people in the specific field you’re looking at can help you understand more about the job, hiring process, and more! At this stage, it is helpful to keep your supporters up to speed as to where you are. You never know who may have a connection or advice they may be able to share.
  • Check over any and all social media accounts you have. Check your privacy settings. This may also be where you reach out to specific people to talk about how you are looking for an opportunity.
  • If you have a job coach or other paid supports assisting you in your search, make sure everyone is on the same page regarding if, how, and when you would like to disclose.

PA CareerLink Philadelphia

Create a Profile

By having a completed and updated profile, you can not only see what jobs are posted but businesses can also search for YOU!

Access Mock Interviews, Workshops, and Events

These can help you land your next opportunity. When looking for a job, it is always helpful to continue to build your skills. You can also have instructors look over your resume. It is always helpful to have multiple eyes on your resume because something can be overlooked and it is also okay to have a couple types of resumes depending on the type of job you are applying to.

O'Net Online

Crosswalk Search

Do you have military or other government experience and not sure how that translates? Use this crosswalk to help you navigate so you can feel properly prepared when connecting to your next potential employer.

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