Advancing Your Career

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More hours? Different opportunity? Want to move up in job duties or expectations? This section will help you navigate this stage of your journey. When you realize you are looking for more out of your work, you want to ask your yourself some key questions if they have not already been addressed:


Questions to Ask When Advancing Your Career

  • Am I willing to disclose “I have a disability?” If so, what are the situations where I am willing to share and who am I willing to share with? (Example: Having a job coach is a level of disclosure)
  • I’d like more hours. Is there a reason I’m not getting more hours? What availability have I shared with my employer? Is it a seasonal or strictly a part-time opportunity?
  • Am I interested in a different opportunity within the same company?
  • Why am I looking for something more or different at work?
  • Will my benefits be affected? How might they be impacted?
  • What education or training do I need?

Take Action

  • Identify what is it you are looking for: more hours, more money, more responsibility, different tasks, different work environment.
  • If you’re considering switching companies, remember that it is ALWAYS better to look while maintaining a job.
  • When looking within your current employer for opportunities, consider sharing what you are looking for. It may be that you start to volunteer more to help various departments out to show your teamwork and ability to learn. You will also want to work on building strong professional relationships with people in various positions because those people may be ones to vouch for you when an opportunity comes up or they may be your next supervisor.
  • If you’re looking for more pay, write a list of ways that you outperform your current tasks. Do not compare yourself to other people in the same position. How else are you contributing to the company? Understand that sometimes a raise isn’t based on the level of skill you have, but the nature of the industry you are working in.

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